Things You Should Know Before You Start Link Building

Link Building plays a key role in Search Engine Optimization. Link Building is the process of creating inbound links to a website. You should launch into Link Building without doing some planning. It is utmost important to build quality links having high domain authority and other important parameters else search engines will not pay attention to your site.

Good inbound links of your website will drive more traffic and may increase your page rank. Link Building can even affect your website’s rankings if not executed properly. Therefore, quality link building is one of the important task you can perform in order to promote your website with the search engines.

Here are the points to remember before you start link building process:

Find Out What Does Your Competitor Do..
Find out the link building strategy of your competitors in all the possible ways, whether they are focusing on Blog? Social Media? Thematic Submission? Article Submission? etc. And what is the result of their link building strategies. From this technique, you might get some great ideas to work on. Differentiation in link building strategies may help you in increasing backlinks of your website.

Choose The Right Keywords..
One important factor for good results from search engine optimization is making sure that the keywords chosen by you are relevant to the type of business that you are running. You need to make sure that the keywords we have taken are going to be searched by users.

Content is king
The information on a website is its content. Generally the more useful and interesting content website has the more successful it will be. Well written content engages the reader. Link building is important but without good content it is not profitable. Both walk side by side.

Make Sure You Have Chosen Optimized Title Tag and H1 Tags..
Title Tags are the main source for the Search Engine Bots to determine about the page. Crawlers always examine the title. So it is good to use your main keywords as the beginning of the page title. The text included in the title will appear in the Search Engine Result Page, so if the user gives your keyword as the search query then you might get the first preferences. Always fix the title tag of your web page, that may help you to boost up your rankings.

H1 tags are the other most important source which is the header tag situated in body of a website. This h1 tags helps search engine crawlers to know about the site content details.
By using proper h1 tags and title tag you will get increased density of traffic for your website from major search engines.

Check Canonicalization Issues before starting link building
Check your website server headers. Your URLs must report a “200 OK” status or “301 Moved Permanently” for redirects, else you need to look into the matter more deeply. Fixing internal duplication content is important and must not be ignored.

Whether your website is User-Friendly..?
Your Website must be user friendly. It should have easier navigation and readability for both user and search engine. Always follow these main tips –
# Use short and easy readable URL’s
# Create a text-only Site Map
# Use a Consistent Design and Layout
# Use breadcrumb navigation for hierarchical content
# Break long pages into multiple pages

Find Out Your Niche..
Always make sure that you are targeting toward a specific and right audience. Create the type of website that your audience will want to bookmark. You can only do this by finding your right niche and sticking to it. After determining your niche, collect some quality website resource related to your niche with higher page rank that will help you while doing link building process.

Create extensive resource lists
Link Building can be quite easy, if you already have the resources on hand. After choosing the perfect niche for your target website, create a list of resources relating to that topic.

Use Correct Contact Information..
Have proper email id and password and make sure of your contact information for all type of submission purposes. It is always better to use a domain specific email id or a new email id(for business purpose alone), rather than using personal email to avoid spamming.

Planing the right way of Link Building will surely results in high ranking and increased density of traffic. Hope this blog will help you to get more ideas before you start your link building process.

Disclaimer: The post is completely based on individual thoughts and SEO Services Group bears no responsibilities for the thoughts reflected in the post.

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